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There are a number of floral displays that are usual to include in your wedding day.  These displays help you to achieve the mood and ambience that you want to create for your magical day, and it will help to ensure you have some fabulous photos from which to remember in detail your day in the years to come.  Having an idea of the colour palette of flowers that you would like to use is a great place to start together with some pictures of the style of flowers that you love (or hate)!



  1.  Brides Bouquet:  The bride’s bouquet is probably the most important floral arrangement of your wedding day and something that the bride and the guests should adore.  Whatever style you prefer, it needs to be perfect.  It is seen by everyone as you enter and leave the wedding ceremony when all eyes are on the bride or the wedding couple, and it will be in most of your wedding photos.  When deciding upon the shape and style of your bouquet, the fabric, style and shape of your wedding dress need to be taken into account as the dress and bouquet should complement each other.  Your florist will need to see a picture of the colour and style of your wedding dress, in order to best advice you on the shape and style of bouquet for you. 
  2. Bridesmaids Bouquets:  The bridesmaids bouquets need to complement their dresses in shape and style and also to tie in with the brides bouquets so they do not clash in design or colour.  Tiny bridesmaids are absolutely adorable but are great at fiddling and so often need just a small posy, hoop, basket or pomander for them to hold.  
  3. Floral Crowns:  These are popular with both brides and bridesmaids.  Some brides prefer to have a few flowers woven into their hair design, others prefer nothing at all.
  4. Buttonholes:  These are traditionally worn by the bridegroom and his ushers and the bride’s father.  These can comprise of a single flower and a little foliage, or a tiny corsage.
  5. Corsages:  These are also sometimes worn by the mothers of both the bride and groom.  Again they need to compliment the design and colours of the wedding party flowers as well as colour of the outfit of the person wearing it.



Bridal Bouquet

Bridal Bouquets, need to have that “wow factor”.


These play an important part in setting the scene and ambience of your day.  Where-ever you decide to have your wedding ceremony, you want to create an intimate stage setting for your ceremony to take place, and an aisle if you wish to make an entrance.

  1.  Large Scale Arrangements:  The best way to do this is with some stunning large-scale floral arrangements, to welcome your guests on arrival at the church or venue. This can be a floral arch, a pair of large floral arrangements either side of the entrance, a deconstructed arch, a floral curtain or fringe.
  2. Once you have entered the venue or the church, it is lovely to have a large arrangement that greets you and your guests.
  3. The aisle of a church provides a perfect setting for drawing the eye to the front of church and the pew ends can be decorated, or arrangements, petals or candles placed along the pew ends leading up towards the alter.  The same effect can be created in a venue by using the guests chairs to create a central aisle and then again there are a number of similar options that can be used to create the same look, including using floral arrangements on the chair backs.
  4. At the top of the aisle in any location, you need to create a magical setting.  Again a large arch, or two large floral designs work well.  A  Floral Moon Gate has become popular as have flower walls in which couples stand to exchange their vows.  In larger venues or churches it is in my opinion, important to create a setting with a huge visual impact for the guests whilst creating a sense of intimacy for the bride and groom.
  5. Window sills in churches and venues also provide excellent places for floral designs to be placed.
  6. Confetti:  Many people now prefer to use naturally dried flower confetti as many churches and venues have prohibited the use of the paper alternative.
Wedding Flowers

Natural Deconstructed Arch Framing the Church Entrance


If your wedding reception is going to be held in a different location to the wedding ceremony, you will need to decorate this venue or marquee as well.  These are some suggestions:

  1. Large welcoming arrangements
  2. Suspended floral ceiling displays, there are many different options to consider here.
  3. Shrinking the venue space, and creating a more intimate space by using large scale vegetation, props or floral displays
  4. Flowers for the wedding cake and Cake Table
  5. Florals display for the dining tables
  6. Lighting such as candelabras, or tealights to be included in the table floral designs.
  7. Floral displays for serving tables and the bar.

Do contact me if you’d like to know more.



Floral Chandelier

Floral Chandeliers and floral ceilings are a breathtaking display in any venue or marquee.


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