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It’s Party Time……….

Flowers for any celebration

Whether you are planning a wedding reception, a private party, a corporate dinner or a charity event, you want your guests to walk into the venue or marquee and for it to have that “wow factor”.   The more of one’s senses that are appealed to, the stronger the memory will be. Therefore, when planning any event, spend time to make sure that you will be exciting and satisfying all your guests’ senses, (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch). The greater the impact you create, the longer people will reminisce about your party, wedding, corporate or charity event.

When hosting any event you need to create a show stopping display, somewhere near the entrance which grabs everyone’s attention, and sets the tone of all the other decorations, and floral designs.  Drinks for guests should be immediately available for them guests on arrival at the event/party.

Size Matters

When decorating any large event space or marquee,  in effect, you have a blank canvas, which  can be quite daunting at times.  If there are areas that you need to utilise for different things then this needs to be taken into account.  For example, when any event is held in a marquee, you will need to consider where people will stand for their welcome drinks, should they are unable to gather outside due to inclement weather.  A dance floor may be required as well as the dining area.  These separate little areas help to shrink the large space and make it more intimate.  Trees and floral designs can be used to great effect to divide up these areas and in effect create cosy zones within a large space. 

When looking across a large room, the eye needs to be entertained.  It is therefore a good idea to consider the use of table arrangements at different heights, which will create a beautiful vista, even from a distance.  Table arrangements must be kept very low so that guests are able to see across the table, and are able to easily converse with those people opposite them, as well as those either side of them.  Any high arrangements need to be high enough that they do not hang down across the guests’ line of vision, and on tables which have a raised floral design, small vases of flowers and night lights will be needed to retain some interest at the lower level once guests are seated.


Candlelight should be used where ever possible, and even in venues where no naked flames are allowed, the battery operated flickering alternatives are now so good that they are often mistaken for the real thing.  The flickering light thrown off by candles always helps to create a sense of occasion and intimacy.  Tall candelabras, plain or adorned with flowers, are always a popular alternative to high arrangements, however they do require something floral at a lower level on the table to complement the design and to add some colour and fragrance for the guests.  

Table Flowers and Lighting by Tasha Vass FloristryModern lighting specialists, together with the right use of drapes and colour will also help create the ambience and intimacy that you require.  Some clever lighting in vases can help create a dramatic night club effect, with balloons, feathers, and sweets being used as an alternative to flowers.  The possibilities are endless, and most floral designers will be happy to help you with this as an alternative to a classic floral design.

Party Planning for Success

Beautiful table linen, coloured glassware, and the even the positioning of the dining tables, are all ingredients that need to be carefully considered when planning the look and feel of your event.  A good example is when long lines of tables  can be chosen rather than round tables, in order to create a more relaxed, and informal dining environment.

Background music at any event is a must.  It can be excruciatingly embarrassing for the first few guests when they arrive at an event, so background music is an essential component in helping your guests to relax.   The right  music is also a useful component in re-affirming the ambience of the event.   It is however vital that it is kept at an appropriate level so that guests are able to converse without shouting!

Once the stage has been set, your guests need to be  equally “wowed” by delicious and well- presented food and drink.  This will appeal to your guest’s’ visual senses as well as their sense of taste.  We often work alongside Dandelion Catering at parties, weddings and funerals, in both Suffolk and Norfolk.  Having tasted their food, we, like all their clients, can confirm that there food is as delicious to the eye as it is the taste.  

All parties, weddings and events need to captured by a fun, empathetic and brilliant photographer.  Pictures that capture the magic of the moment and preserve it forever are just so valuable.   We love the photo’s captured by the talented Lucy Toms Photography, and when she joins Dandelion Catering and ourselves on events,………..we are The Dream Team!

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