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about tasha v

Tasha Vass Floristry

From 2009 we’ve been creating stunning floral designs for weddings, events, and funerals.

About Tasha Vass

Based just outside Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and with another studio outside Holt, Norfolk, Tasha Vass Floristry was established in 2009 after an opportunity to provide some floral designs for a family wedding. 

Having spent years in catering, I was keen to explore a new avenue within the hospitality industry, and I was delighted to discover that not only did I love working with flowers, but that I also had a natural flair for it. 

So my floral journey commenced, and over the years I have continued to educate and challenge myself in floral design.  In addition, I have attended a number of courses with Paula Pryke and Sabine Darral.  

Having spent many years in catering, I am very used to the long, often anti-social hours on my feet, transforming large venues and working in a high-pressure environment.

I love the fact that every event involves new challenges and opportunities to explore new and different bespoke floral designs.  I love the variety that an event florist is exposed to where no two days or events are ever the same.  

As my business has grown, I am lucky to have a number of talented freelance florists who regularly assist me in providing our clients with incredible floral designs paying great attention to detail. 

We are passionate about incorporating fragrant flowers and foliage into our designs.  As the flower growers strive to develop perfect looking and longer lasting flowers, sadly many of today’s blooms have little or no perfume. 

In our opinion, floral design should stimulate and wow, with both the sense of sight and the sense of smell.  Together with a growing number of florists, Tasha Vass Floristry is committed to providing bespoke floral designs without the use of floral foam (wherever possible), in an effort to help reduce the  toxic residues from entering the water supply or from ending up in landfill. 

I feel incredibly fortunate that I have found a new career that I absolutely love which involves working with so many amazing flowers, in different situations and which challenges and develops my creative abilities.